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For those of you who don't know who I am my name is Evan Geier

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1.  I am not thankful for my friends and my family my Dad doesn't visit and my Mom isn't on my side financially.  It's all about my friends and my family and them doing all the important work and none of the work that makes people happy and is under appreciated.  They honestly think they are better for some reason. Underappreciated work is done when there isn't enough work.  Our future includes there not being enough work.  The economy is going to get bad and all I've done is try to help.  They continue making problems including Ben West who is campaigning against me which isn't how this job hunt I was let know was going to go.  "Star Wars and the last Hope" I am down so fend for yourself like I do, they all hide who they are and their mistakes.  I have no friends and I have no family they simply exult themselves. 

2.  What am I looking to do?  I, Evan, am looking to mix fairness and opportunity while having empathy and understanding of and from his past renting, college, and the effects of what could be called extreme servitude which eventually led me to realize for as bad as some people thought the economy was it was actually good and yet a new and negative force to the economy is rising.  Evan Geier is a three-sport scholar athlete and senior class president and swayed and led government finance meetings as chair balancing the budget before I was brought down and teamed up against.  Evan is 14 religion (A.K.A one four). 

2.  Evan Geier graduated from the U of O as an Honors Business Student in Finance with a minor in Economics.  He has lived in Oregon over 30 years and stays up to date with self-study and/or classes.   I Bought a car in high school with cash from working and sold it after college where I would walk to work and shopping where there was virtually no bus route.  I would bike sometimes walk 3.4-10 or more miles 5 days a week+ solo among those American cars and traffic.  I was vegan for years six conserving as well. I can stand for this and today there is an alternative investment (oil) to the monopoly of land. 

3.  Evan Geier likes how he understands and placed business, finance, and economics alongside/before politics.  Times are changing, the oil impact is growing, and something I’ve learned from sports is the loss can burn, however after that loss you take what you have, and you adjust. 

4.Keeping up communication currently using and   

5.  Evan Geier - YouTube

6.  Work for me if you are a true friend or family member and help spread my message or realize what it's like to do something unimportant or less important to make someone happy like picking up trash, cleaning the house, or what really got me get ignored by friends and family and treated poorly until something changes, which I do thoughtfully so you know intently with what I think ends better for everyone. 

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