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Evan's Platform

  • Create and Upgrade Public Safety Training:  A public option for residents to go through Public Safety Training as though they are becoming a public employee in which they can better understand enforcers and be better equipped to defend themselves

  • County Employee Cross Training:  Opportunity for employees to better understand what is going on outside their specific job or job duties through cross training. Employee price check, purchase competition, and spending transparency with rewards for saving the county money.

  • Hour and Wage Flexibility:   Getting the job done correctly, data and metrics, and promotion and job freedom.

  • Efficient LED Infrastructure and Lighting Everywhere Possible:  

  • Potential Community Business Projects

  1. ERadio

  2. Milkshake Fiesta

  3. Group Group

  4. Petro Taxi

  5. Health Business

  6. Ball/Bounce Business

  7. Relationship Business

  8. Wood to Cotton

  9. Vehichle small business (tires)

  10. Home Showings

  11. 1440 Gym

  12. Manufacturing partial

  13. Light Store

  14. Heat Store

  15. Evergreen Mobile

  16. Mixer's Shack non-alcoholic

  17. Public Building Public Access


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